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Five Things To Raise Money For Prom

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Five Things Your School Can and SHOULD Do To Raise Money For Your Chicago Area Prom DJ

Hot Mix Party-5012

How To Raise Money For Prom In The Chicago Area

For many high school students, prom night is THE MOST anticipated event of the year. It’s a night you will remember forever. It’s special . AND expensive! The prom dress, tuxedo, corsage, tickets, and prom limo transportation are just individual costs!

When you’re on the prom committee, you want everything to be perfect. There’s so much to think about:

Chicago prom event venues

Location, cost, availability, and holy cow parking can be expensive! Plus you have decisions on catering

Time to find an affordable Chicago event production company

And most importantly..


Prom DJ at The Field Museum

Prom DJ at The Field Museum

The Hottest Chicago area area DJ

Music is what makes your event insane. You’re want your prom to have the look and feel of a cutting edge Chicago night club with great sound, your favorite music, and spectacular lighting. With all these costs, the ticket price will really add up.

So how do you offset the cost of your prom? Here are some great fundraiser ideas.

Some simple, some a little harder.

Generate some quick cash For your high school prom

  • A local car wash
  • A church or school bake sale
  • A Pizza Sale – Hey everybody likes pizza!
  • An Ice Cream Social

With a little music, a couple of contest or a free giveaway, any fundraiser can be “cool”. Just text your friends and as them to do the same. Share with your school parents and teachers to get the word out. You want your event to be unbelievably memorable!

Get a party started!

  • A Dance Party Marathon …
  • A School Turn-about Dance… Girls ask the Guys to the Dance and you charge to get in
  • 5 or 10K Run, Walk, Ride

Great Fundraising Idea: No one can resist a great party!
Sadie Hawkins style dances and exercise events in the spring get families moving and grooving while you raise the money you need for your big night.

Serve em’ a snack!

  • A Pancake Breakfast
  • A Spaghetti Dinner

Great Fundraising Idea: Feed Them!
Make some quick calls or stop into a few restaurants and ask for the owner. You can negotiate a group dinner at a local Chicago restaurant that will offer you a 10-20% referral fee for every dollar that you spend. Sounds corny? It’s not. It works!

Play Ball!

  • Chuck a Puck at a hockey game.
  • Free Throw contest at a basketball game

Great Fundraising Idea: Use Your Sports Team!
Talk to your teachers and sports coaches to “get in the game” this season and get more publicity for your event fundraisers! If everyone buys a ticket for $1. Approach local business owners for a “sponsorship” opportunity. Businesses LOVE new clients, even if they have to give away a small service or coupon to get them. =)

Give em’ some of your elbow grease.

  • Baby sitting
  • Snow Shoveling
  • Painting
  • Yard Work
  • Clean Up

Hot Mix Entertainment, Chicago’s most sought after DJ works with schools ALL OVER the area to provide the most amazing prom experiences.

An original member of Chicago’s #HotMix5, Smokin’ Scott Silz has performed and guest DJ’d at Chicago’s hottest nightclubs for over 20 years.

See him hanging out with his favorite celebrities here.

Are you ready to make your prom a night to remember?

The schedule always fills up fast so pre-book your prom date with Scott and his Hot Mix team:

Schedule a quick call

View our school event services and get pricing

And most importantly – Get Ready To Start Dancing!

The Hot Mix 5 Live at Concord Music Hall

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More than a thousand people braved the biggest November snowfall in over 121 years to party with the Hot Mix 5 at Concord Music Hall. A great time was had by all with the top house music DJs in the world taking the crowd back to the days of WBMX with classic house music. On the turrntables From the original Hot Mix 5 Scott Smokin’ Silz, Farley Jackmaster Funk, Mickey Mixin’ Oliver and Kenny Jammin’ Jason Plus Julian Jumpin’ Perez and Tim Schommer. Hosted by Czarina Mirani.


How to play the wedding shoe game and the questions to ask at your reception

How to play the wedding shoe game and the questions to ask at your reception

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How to play the wedding shoe game and the questions to ask at your reception:

Here are 25 of the best questions to ask if you’re going to play the shoe game at your Chicago wedding. Your Chicago wedding DJ can act as the emcee. This is a great way to break up the night perhaps while people are eating desert.

How to play the wedding shoe game and the questions to ask at your reception

How to play the wedding shoe game and the questions to ask at your reception

Be sure to keep the questions fun and entertaining and remember you only need to do about 10-15 questions to have fun. You want to keep your party moving!

1. Who said I love you first?

2. When you go out to eat, who picks the restaurant?

3. Who made the first move?

4. Who is the better driver?

5. Who is more likely to be running late?

6. Who takes longer to get ready?

7. Who spends more money?

8. Which one of you is smarter?

9. Who is the better kisser?

10.Who pick the radio station you listen to in the car?

11. Which one of you snores the loudest?

12.Who spends more time online?

13. Who has the best taste in clothing?

14. Which one of you is in charge of the remote control?

15. Who is better at keeping a secret?

16. Who said “I Love You” first?

17. Which one of you is more romantic?

18. Which one of you will pay the bills?

19. Who has the craziest family?

20. Who is messier?

21. Driving the car who has more tickets?

22. Who talks more?

23. Who will decide where you vacation?

24. Who determines how much money you can spend?

25. Who loves the other more? (Ask this last)

Hot Mix 5 Chicago House Music Legends coming to Concord Music Hall

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Hot Mix 5 Chicago House Music Legends coming to Concord Music Hall


Presented By: Concord Music Hall

Saturday, November 21, 2015

CONCORD MUSIC HALL – Chicago, Illinois

From the original Hot Mix 5 Scott Smokin’ Silz, Farley Jackmaster Funk, Mickey Mixin’ Oliver and Kenny Jammin’ Jason Plus Julian Jumpin’ Perez and Tim Schommer. Hosted by Czarina Mirani.

Hot Mix 5

Hot Mix 5 at Concord Music Hall Chicago

Purchase tickets here…

50% OFF VIP Gold Tickets with coupon code: HOTMIX5

Want to grab tickets for an upcoming show in person? Our box office is here for ya!

• Tue-Fri: 1pm-7pm (if there’s a show, closed hour before)
• Sat: 12pm-8pm (end time depends on show hours)

• To purchase parking you MUST select the “PRINT AT HOME” ticket option.
• If you are purchasing more than one ticket item (GA ticket + Parking) you must add each item to your purchase basket individually.
• Parking lot is in CVS just North of Concord Music Hall. Please hand your printout parking ticket to the parking attendant.
• If you do not have a printer you can show your parking ticket barcode to the parking attendant on your smartphone screen.

• We offer a bag/coat check service on the 2nd floor – each item checked is $4.00
• Backpacks or large bags are allowed, but must be checked at coat check prior to entering the main room.
• No Camelbacks or containers of any kind are allowed inside the venue.


Wedding DJ In Barrington Illinois on the Biltmore Country Club

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Wedding DJ In Barrington Illinois on the Biltmore Country Club


Chicago Wedding DJ Scott Smokin’ Silz DJ’d for an LGBTQ Wedding DJ In Barrington Illinois on the Biltmore Country Club.  Let Hot Mix Entertainment bring your dream wedding to reality. Planning an outdoor wedding, We’ll make sure all your guests have a great time! From the ceremony to the dancing. Weddings are our specialty. Let us work with you to make sure you get the music you want. We’ve got over 100k songs to choose from for Weddings in Chicago, or the suburbs. Hot Mix can provide Up Lighting, Dance Floor lighting, Monogram, Pin Spotting and more. Pictured is a wedding we did in Barrington IL at Biltmore Country Club. Hot Mix provided the top Chicago DJ Scott Smokin’ Silz along with sound and lighting. In addition this LGBTQ wedding had an incredible Fireworks Show. The dance floor was full all night long as guest enjoyed a custom playlist from our brides. This was such a cool setting taking place on over 2 acres of private property attached to the Biltmore Country Club and the property had a Frank Lloyd Wright Home where we also provided sound for the ceremony. Top 40 music, Pop Music, Oldies, Classic 80’s and 90’s dance music, Hip Hop and more kept the guests on the dance floor till the wee-hours of the morning.

Chicago House Music DJ on V103

ON AIR with Hot Mix – Get Free Friday House Party on V103 With DJ Scott Smokin’ Silz

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ON AIR with Hot Mix – Get Free Friday House Party on V103 With DJ Scott Smokin’ SilzGet ready for 19 hours of Chicago’s best house music in the mix… Friday July 3rd V103 is in the mix all day long with Chicago’s top DJs…

Chicago House Music DJ on V103

Chicago House Music DJ on V103

Scott Smokin’ Silz of The Hot Mix 5 and Hot Mix Entertainment

Farley Jackmaster Funk – Hot Mix 5

Kenny Jammin’ Jason – Hot Mix 5

Maurice Ice Culpepper – V103

DJ Emanuel

The Dizz

DJ Phantom – V103

Starting at 9am. You can check it out on the air live on V103 (102.7 FM) or on the web with the iHeart Radio App.

July is House Music Month in Chicago. Hear all these legendary DJ’ mixing your favorite House Music new and classic.

Keep checking back for the schedule. and we’ll post some of the playlists right here.

On the air with Scott Smokin' Silz of the Hot Mix 5 on V103 IMG_1073 IMG_1922 IMG_0892 DSC_0256 IMG_0827 Hot Mix 5 POP copy 148_7485

Hot Mix DJ at the Field Museum

Chicago DJ Scott Smokin’ Silz at The Field Museum For The Grateful Dead

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Chicago DJ From Hot Mix Entertainment Soldier On At the Chicago Field Museum

Your favorite Chicago DJ is coming to join The Grateful Dead at Soldier Field July 3rd, 4th & 5th for a historical event. DJ Scott Smokin’ Silz will be a part of the 3 day festivities as the Field Museum presents “Everything Is Dead” Join Scott on the campus lawn for Classic Rock from the 60’s and 70’s plus all your Grateful Dead favorites.

Hot Mix DJ at the Field Museum

Hot Mix DJ at the Field Museum

Special Events

July 3, 4, and 5, tickets required

The Museum’s Southeast and Northeast terraces will also be the site of the Everything Is Dead 50th Anniversary Celebrations, presented by On The Scene Event Management. The events will be on July 3, 4, and 5. Tickets available via Eventbrite:

Everything Is Dead 50th Anniversary Party | 2pm – 10pm | $49 | Southeast Terrace

Putting The Band Back Together…Dead Style! | 2pm – 7pm | $99 VIP | Northeast Terrace

Dead Archive & GDTS Too

June 28 – July 5, special exhibition in Stanley Field Hall, included with admission

Drawing on the extensive collection of the band’s own archive, All The Years Combine: Deadhead Treasures From The Grateful Dead Archive & GDTS Too features material from every part of the Grateful Dead’s career that document the special bond between the Grateful Dead family and their family of fans. Visitors will have the opportunity to see band and fan correspondence, decorated ticket request envelopes, newsletters, drawings, posters, tickets, backstage passes, and fan-made concert tapes.

Jazz & Colors: Wave That Flag

July 4, 12:30pm – 3pm, performances throughout the Museum, included with admission

Following the success of Jazz & Colors in New York’s Central Park and Jazz & Colors: The Masterworks Edition at the acclaimed Metropolitan Museum of Art, Jazz & Colors comes to Chicago’s Field Museum with a more focused and intimate experience. Jazz & Colors: Wave That Flag will feature local jazz musicians performing in various parts of the Museum taking on the songbook of the Grateful Dead for two sets of music on Saturday, July 4th.

Jazz & Colors is a co-production of The Field Museum and the promoters and performers of Fare Thee Well.

Milwaukee - DJ Ron Hardy Salute

Milwaukee DJ Events – Scott Smokin’ Silz Honors DJ Ron Hardy At Vagabond

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Free Milwaukee DJ Events Welcomes Scott Smokin’ Silz Honors DJ Ron Hardy

24 years ago the world lost one of House Music’s legendary DJs, Ron Hardy of Chicago.  Spinning in the hay days of Frankie Knuckles, Ron Hardy made an enormous contribution to the genre of House Music.  As a Producer, innovator, and DJ, two 1980’s after hours clubs in Chicago, the Warehouse and the Music Box, Hardy served as Resident DJ.  He’s known throughout the world to be in the center of the birthplace of Chicago House Music.  To honor this extraordinary performer, legend of House Music Scott “Smokin’” Silz of the Legendary WBMX Chicago DJ crew The Hot Mix 5 will be joining some of Milwaukee’s best, lifelong career DJ’s for a free event on May 8 at Vagabond at 1122 Edison Street, Milwaukee.


Milwaukee - DJ Ron Hardy Salute

Milwaukee – DJ Ron Hardy Salute

IMG_3525 IMG_3523 IMG_3515

DJs: Scott “Smokin” Silz (Chicago), JDL and JMD (Milwaukee), Brian Small (Milwaukee) and Paul Matthews (Milwaukee) start spinning at 10pm. There is no cover charge for this event.


Scott “Smokin” Silz and the Hot Mix 5 House Music took over the Chicago club underground over 30 years ago.  It started with the original WBMX late night radio team, the Hot Mix 5, that laid the foundation for the music genre that’s heard all over the world.

chicago best house music DJHot Mix 5’s original team include Farley “Jackmaster” Funk, Mickey “Mixin” Oliver, Ralphi Rosario, Kenny “Jammin” Jason, and Scott “Smokin” Silz. As a team they were unstoppable, setting the the club music trends for generations while creating dozens of hot house music hits and driving new music to the top of the charts.

To date, the demand for their energy still reigns on while performing at today’s hottest celebrity engagements, and guest appearing or spinning at today’s hottest clubs.

Scott and the Hot Mix 5 team were named to London Observer’s list of the 10 most influential DJs in the world—the only Americans to make the list.

Musicians and industry insiders still declare these culture icons as the premier DJ team in history.  In 2007 then Chicago Mayor Richard Daley dedicated the intersection of Columbus and Balbo Drives to Scott and the original members of Hot Mix 5. On the 30th anniversary of the original crew, “Hot Mix 5 Way” was revealed, with Mayor Daley and members of the Chicago music scene recognizing Scott and his partners for their “visetight” sets on WBMXFM and for bringing countless artists and beats to the forefront, from local labels to now classic rock.

Scott “Smokin” Silz operates Hot Mix Entertainment and provides high performance DJ services throughout the Chicago and Milwaukee area.  To learn more about how you can hire or request Scott to spin at your next event, click here.


Get Started

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