Five Things To Raise Money For Prom

Five Things Your School Can and SHOULD Do To Raise Money For Your Chicago Area Prom DJ

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How To Raise Money For Prom In The Chicago Area

For many high school students, prom night is THE MOST anticipated event of the year. It’s a night you will remember forever. It’s special . AND expensive! The prom dress, tuxedo, corsage, tickets, and prom limo transportation are just individual costs!

When you’re on the prom committee, you want everything to be perfect. There’s so much to think about:

Chicago prom event venues

Location, cost, availability, and holy cow parking can be expensive! Plus you have decisions on catering

Time to find an affordable Chicago event production company

And most importantly..


Prom DJ at The Field Museum

Prom DJ at The Field Museum

The Hottest Chicago area area DJ

Music is what makes your event insane. You’re want your prom to have the look and feel of a cutting edge Chicago night club with great sound, your favorite music, and spectacular lighting. With all these costs, the ticket price will really add up.

So how do you offset the cost of your prom? Here are some great fundraiser ideas.

Some simple, some a little harder.

Generate some quick cash For your high school prom

  • A local car wash
  • A church or school bake sale
  • A Pizza Sale – Hey everybody likes pizza!
  • An Ice Cream Social

With a little music, a couple of contest or a free giveaway, any fundraiser can be “cool”. Just text your friends and as them to do the same. Share with your school parents and teachers to get the word out. You want your event to be unbelievably memorable!

Get a party started!

  • A Dance Party Marathon …
  • A School Turn-about Dance… Girls ask the Guys to the Dance and you charge to get in
  • 5 or 10K Run, Walk, Ride

Great Fundraising Idea: No one can resist a great party!
Sadie Hawkins style dances and exercise events in the spring get families moving and grooving while you raise the money you need for your big night.

Serve em’ a snack!

  • A Pancake Breakfast
  • A Spaghetti Dinner

Great Fundraising Idea: Feed Them!
Make some quick calls or stop into a few restaurants and ask for the owner. You can negotiate a group dinner at a local Chicago restaurant that will offer you a 10-20% referral fee for every dollar that you spend. Sounds corny? It’s not. It works!

Play Ball!

  • Chuck a Puck at a hockey game.
  • Free Throw contest at a basketball game

Great Fundraising Idea: Use Your Sports Team!
Talk to your teachers and sports coaches to “get in the game” this season and get more publicity for your event fundraisers! If everyone buys a ticket for $1. Approach local business owners for a “sponsorship” opportunity. Businesses LOVE new clients, even if they have to give away a small service or coupon to get them. =)

Give em’ some of your elbow grease.

  • Baby sitting
  • Snow Shoveling
  • Painting
  • Yard Work
  • Clean Up

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