Milwaukee DJ Events – Scott Smokin’ Silz Honors DJ Ron Hardy At Vagabond

Free Milwaukee DJ Events Welcomes Scott Smokin’ Silz Honors DJ Ron Hardy

24 years ago the world lost one of House Music’s legendary DJs, Ron Hardy of Chicago.  Spinning in the hay days of Frankie Knuckles, Ron Hardy made an enormous contribution to the genre of House Music.  As a Producer, innovator, and DJ, two 1980’s after hours clubs in Chicago, the Warehouse and the Music Box, Hardy served as Resident DJ.  He’s known throughout the world to be in the center of the birthplace of Chicago House Music.  To honor this extraordinary performer, legend of House Music Scott “Smokin’” Silz of the Legendary WBMX Chicago DJ crew The Hot Mix 5 will be joining some of Milwaukee’s best, lifelong career DJ’s for a free event on May 8 at Vagabond at 1122 Edison Street, Milwaukee.


Milwaukee - DJ Ron Hardy Salute

Milwaukee – DJ Ron Hardy Salute

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DJs: Scott “Smokin” Silz (Chicago), JDL and JMD (Milwaukee), Brian Small (Milwaukee) and Paul Matthews (Milwaukee) start spinning at 10pm. There is no cover charge for this event.


Scott “Smokin” Silz and the Hot Mix 5 House Music took over the Chicago club underground over 30 years ago.  It started with the original WBMX late night radio team, the Hot Mix 5, that laid the foundation for the music genre that’s heard all over the world.

Scott Smokin' Silz Honorary Street Signs

Scott Smokin’ Silz has 2 honorary street signs from the city of Chicago. Check it out at Columbus and Balbo in Grant Park.

Hot Mix 5’s original team include Farley “Jackmaster” Funk, Mickey “Mixin” Oliver, Ralphi Rosario, Kenny “Jammin” Jason, and Scott “Smokin” Silz. As a team they were unstoppable, setting the the club music trends for generations while creating dozens of hot house music hits and driving new music to the top of the charts.

To date, the demand for their energy still reigns on while performing at today’s hottest celebrity engagements, and guest appearing or spinning at today’s hottest clubs.

Scott and the Hot Mix 5 team were named to London Observer’s list of the 10 most influential DJs in the world—the only Americans to make the list.

Musicians and industry insiders still declare these culture icons as the premier DJ team in history.  In 2007 then Chicago Mayor Richard Daley dedicated the intersection of Columbus and Balbo Drives to Scott and the original members of Hot Mix 5. On the 30th anniversary of the original crew, “Hot Mix 5 Way” was revealed, with Mayor Daley and members of the Chicago music scene recognizing Scott and his partners for their “visetight” sets on WBMXFM and for bringing countless artists and beats to the forefront, from local labels to now classic rock.

Scott “Smokin” Silz operates Hot Mix Entertainment and provides high performance DJ services throughout the Chicago and Milwaukee area.  To learn more about how you can hire or request Scott to spin at your next event, click here.

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